• Woah   fantastic   :)))

  • Great!

    Here is my comping in the same theme..."Fever" to Alicia with sax....


    Hey Vivian,


    I am glad to meet you, 


    W e l c o m e   t o   K a r a o k e ,


    I love your performance and the visuality that goes along with.

    Thank you for your interest, I provide with that you'll find a great online friendship in Karaoke which is very special place , everyone is warm and kind also taking care of their friends.

    We have an active group here making practice with  "Let's Sing Together",

    would you like to join in ?



    Hope to have fun with us,


  • Hello Viviana, i love that song, the video really fits the song ! Good job .
  • What can I say?! You rock my morning VIV.

    Very impressive voice, totally WOW.

    Welcome to KARAOKE GROUP , a group with a "singing purpose".


  • Viviana D'Orìa , you're rock !


    Keep on rockin' ! \m/

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