Let's sing together, Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo

Hello my dear friends,

That was my first listening in Mad Man, TV Series, I never had heard it before,

yes I am mentioning about "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" or as original "Zou Bisou Bisou"

Let's see if you like it ? :)) If your answer yes, why not join me ?

until my better is my best ! :))

video with lyric

from Mad Man

warm regards,


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  • Nafisssssss, my dearest...

    Sorry, I am late..

    You know, we are in Ramadan and day and night is all mixed :))

    That song is really nice and very soft, it would be great to listen from you,

    See you Nafis,

    Big hug,

    • Hi, Dear Selma, I hope God accepts all your prayers and you enjoy Ramadan to the fullest.

      Here is my voice recording:
      Voice Recorder >>

      Zoo be zoo be zoo Selma,

    • Lovely Dear Nafis,

      I had great time with your beautiful voice & performance,

      thank you, you are always with me,

  • wow! very wonderful sweet Selma! Your voice is so sweet and very lovely. The song is also very very nice. Wait for me, I'll come and sing with you! First, Mic must be fixed. Thanks a lot and have a nice time!

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