Hello every one. 

I had said that I will wait for a week, but I recieved some messages that encorage me to to this so. I want us to sing together this classic for a movie. I think most of us have watched this film and this song is iconic. I hope you sing this songs I have a good time. 

pretty woman.wma

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  • Hello All,

    It's my recording of Karaoke for Song - Pretty Woman. It's very difficult to sing and I tried my best. Someone can give me tips how to remember lyrics. Please bear with my pronunciation.

    Pretty Woman (mp3)

    Thank you so much!


    • The roar is the best part!:)

      YOu know you should sing more.

      More please! I just can't get enough..:) Please take what Miley's says..next is Beatles

    • Tell me which song I should chose? I do not know any beatles songs. :(

      Thank you MileyJ and Mayumi. :)

    • Choose Let' it Be...:)

    • Thank you Mayumi. I sing for you. :)

    • List of The Beatles Songs then play it in Youtube.


      Take care of your vocals ;).

    • Please just give me a song. I do not have beatles songa and I needs to find it over internet. :( So, give me best song which I can sing.

    • Seems you like singing Sandeep. I like that. Thanks for joining us here.

      I won't walk away instead I'll stay tune with all your incoming recordings. 

      You said it's difficult hmmn I think it's just a piece of cake singing this song for you. You don't need to remember the lyric just keep on listening. Practice makes perfect :). I really enjoyed your rendition.

      Next would be The Beatles.


    • If I could remember lyrics, I can try more better. LOL! but after 2 hours of practice, I'm not able to remember the lyrics and reading distract singing.

      I really do not like singing because it is em brassing thing for me. Since, no one knows me here so I can sing anyway and It is helping my pronunciation. So, its best :D

      Thank you MileyJ :)

  • Here's mine..I feel good after singing this song..:) Thanks Carlos for this challenge!
    Voice Recorder >>

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