Hi Brothers and Sisters!This group is for all of you who love our Jesus and believe in Him as the only Lord and Savior of our lives. Let's share His history with all the world and tell them that He lives and loves them!
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  • Blessings!
    Is there somebody ?
    Can we try to rise this group?
    • Hi, Augustina, nice to see you here. :) I'm not a member of this group but I've seen Risty and Glosky (you'll find them on the members page) recently online. The other members I haven't seen in ages. So maybe you can try to connect them directly because I know both are "active" in their faith. Hope you'll find new members to help you making this group active again... Good luck!
    • Thank you, Nanny. Have a nice day!
    • You should ask Mr. Essberger about this. Send him a message via his MyPage. https://www.myenglishclub.com/members/jo
      Josef Essberger
      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
    • Thank you, Mohammad! Have a nice day!
      Sorry for extremely infrequently joining on Skypers group. I have a desire, but no opportunity.
  • God bless everyone!

  •  This hermit because of his love for God lives between heaven and earth.


  • The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to you,
    The happiest days of my life when I speak of the Lord Jesus Christ. I noticed that this group is not active, I hope that everyone shares, because the words of the lord give us peace, contentment and joy.
    I hope you see this video about a fleeing Iraqi girl because of ISIS, you will be amazed at the strength of her faith.


  • God bless everyone!

  • Hello Camila, Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. Glad you have left a comment here. How is the body of Christ doing in Columbia?

This reply was deleted.
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