Ramadan preparation.

Assalam Alaikum

how do you prepare yourself forRamadan.I am sure every one has own goal to achieve this ramdhan.

how to be consistent and energetic throughout ramdhan. 

Hope people here have some good ideas

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  • Jazakallah for your reply. 

  • I think the main goal which have to be achieved is performing the prophet's Hadith (PBUH) that says by meaning that human who finished Ramadan without forgiving all his guilts is the real loser. So I see that our target is gaining Allah forgiveness first.

    To be consistent and energetic throughout Ramadan we have to take in mind that ' we don't know if we are able to realize it again or not and if Allah accepted it or not.

    We should remember that one good work will be doubled more and more.

    We have to do like our prophet did such Reading Quran and night praying and so on.

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