Love with MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him).

MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) is the last prophet. He is the last messenger of ALLAH PAK. What would you guys think with out love with MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him). we can be Muslims ?.ALLAH PAK (GOD) loves all his messengers, but to me he loves the most to his last messenger that is MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him). He is the only single messenger who meet with ALLAH PAK (GOD).He was absolute clean when he born and he was in condition as in SAJDA (سجدہ). His lips were moving and some one was telling according to his lips (rab e habli umati ) رب ھبلی امتی meanings O MIGHTY ALLAH forgive my umment.If we read his whole life it shows, he was awaking up whole night in his life for us.Darood and Salam on MUHAMMAD (peace be upon). Please i am requesting you to share. How much ALLAH (GOD) love with MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him), and much we LOVE him.

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  • Daroon and Salam on Muhammad (Please be upon him). He is the my favorite person not only in this world, in the next world too.
    He is excellent in the all means.
    Darood and Salam on Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon him ).

  • bayan hassan said:
    thank you very much . of course ALLAH love all his messengers . and MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) the last messenger, and all should love it too .
    he spent all his life for us . this is the less thing that we can do it to him , and also follow his Behavior .
    thank you very much
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