In Egypt (my country), some people called for taking the Hijab off of Muslim women under the name of "It is a personal freedom".If it is an actual personal freedom, why do you let them wear what they want (the Hijab) and what their Religion ordered them to do on the tongue of prophet Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him). 
you wear what you want, hence why do you force others to wear what also you want !?

SO, does Islam give women their rights or not ?

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  • Thanks brother Osama for this distinctive blog, i really agree u that women r regarded as pearls & v, precious part in the Islamic society as they kept a way of whatever hurt their position.                     My address here for Non muslims and even muslims girls who think that HIJAB is deduction of their freedom or something that seizes on them , but the truth is that women r the other part of men in the Islamic societies as prophet (PBUH) declared that , and they exactly play as great role as men in the Islamic societies or may be greater Than men coz they take the responsibility of raising kids at their early age , the age which the children are qualified to gain the behaviors  , and that why enemies of the Islam targeting the muslim woman, coz they know if u want to destroy the Islam simply destroy the ethics and behaviors of the woman by encouraging her for uncovered wear and liberation. so woman in Islam is hided of those devils. And sure the benefits of HIJAB r more and more than we think for society,if anyone wants to know them ,He / she has to make a comparison between a society in which the women wear the HIJAB and other society where women don,t .

    • You are completely right, and thanks a lot  for this wonderful declaration.

  • Sure, you are right, but what we need to clear is what the social benefits of this hijab, I think this is the main issue of this topic needed to fully discussing.

    • You are right too, The Hijab's benefits should be shown for Muslim and non-Muslim Women. It protects the society from prevailing the Prostitution and provocation. Hijab briefly makes woman Like pearls in oysters .

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