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Definition of Information Technology

Information technology has been defined by the Information Technology Association of America, or the ITAA as being the study, design, development, implementation support and/or management of any computer based information systems. This relates particularly to software applications and computer hardware.

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  • SkypeID:englishlearning9

  • hey guys how are you? 

  • hey every bady

    i say:"HAPPY LIFE",i search an audio maker wich have the option to eliminate the instrument sound.

    have any one this programme?

  • PS. What's seems most annoying about installing that modem, is that without working internet connection. U can't install packages from internet.. That's why the instructions that I found looked even more strange to me. I was wondering, that why on earth they talk about cd-rom in there. Silly me. Well it was really bad english, and for pages in other languages, the google translator wasn't much help too.

    So I suppose it's really annoying to get that modem work. ^_^

  • I tried to google for smartfren connex modem and Linux, but all the results were in some language that I couldn't understand, or in so bad English that it was hard to understand.. So I'm not sure how it exactly works, It seems like u need to manually configure it from terminal.

    Well, so far it seems I'm not abble to help much.. I'm not familiar with Ubuntu and modems..

    Maybe some more experienced guys from ubuntu official forum could help you better.. Or maybe if you post at ...I don't know. I never posted in any of those forums by my self... ^_^

  • Most Welcome Jhun and Ricardo in this Group.


    Dear Jhun, windows 8 logo is just imagine by the windows lover. they created lot of picture according to own opinion. Microsoft never showed any pic about windows8 but its sure it will be coming soon in touch pad etc.....


    i glad to see you Jhun.


  • Hi Everybody. This group is very interesting. I like so much the technology. I hope that we can share information about technology.

  • Nice join this group, hope we can share our knowledge in IT..,I'm currenty using win 7 ultimate but I'm so curious about Mac OS Leopard. The reason I never use that OS cause most pc games was not support for Mac, they all was designed and optimized for windows.
  • Hi Farid (BigBro)

    yeah! i am absolutely very fine but few months were very busy schedule so i was not online

    Have A Great Day! BigB
  • Hi Robin, i am so glad to know that you are interested to learn Java Programming.

    my Skype id is ajkuve so please add me if u r using skype. i want to learn together Java programming.

    Nice to meet you Robin.
    have a nice day!
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About Yoono

"Yoono" is a social networking 'application and add-ons'. So you can install for desktop or add on your web browser.See this URL:- Hope! you will like. 

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Windows RUN Commands...

There are many commands which you might have never seen or never knew.There are certain properties of windows which you hardly knowexist in windows. Here is a list of 112 run commands:-Accessibility Controls---- --- access.cplAdd Hardware Wizard------ - hdwwiz.cplAdd/Remove Programs---- --- appwiz.cplAdministrative Tools------- control admintoolsAutomatic Updates----- -- wuaucpl.cplBluetooth Transfer Wizard------ - fsquirtCalculator-- ----- calcCertificate Manager certmgr.mscCharacter Map…

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KDE.Org Released KDE SC 4.4.0

The KDE.ORG announces, of the release of the new version 4.4.0 (Codename: "Caikaku") of KDE desktop environment. Kde desktop is a desktop environment for unix like operating systems. Like Linux, unix, bsd... The announcement it self can be read at This means I have the update of  KDE on my schedule.. soon. Don't want to use outdated software. There seems to be many cool new features included and bugs fixed. Can't wait to see how will it work. :)

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