what is education

Education somebody explain that is only knowing the letters and numbersit is not acceptable one. because i am in India , my state is Tamil nadu, but one day i went to Bangalore the neighboring state, i don't know any thing, all the letter in the shop and buses i was very confused . i felt very difficulty to moved one place to another . in this situation i am a illiterate . i don't know any thingso i would to say that education means not only know the literary forms but also have more practice . practice makes perfection that is education.rathanam

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  • hello Sudhir kumar
    How are you sir. Thanks for your comments

    sudhir kumar said:
    education is not learning letters and numbers in different languages and it is not gained only from books and magzines. eduacation meeans a process of developement of our wisdom which is not only acquired by books but also by our experiences in practical life. many foreigners come to our country and travel all over with zero difficulties mingling different peoples of different cast creed region and languages. its their education which help them. also we should not forget akbar the great educated illiterate ruler of india in this context.
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