Hello, my dear friends,Sometimes, I have a doubt for using "like", or "similar to" in my writing.Please, look at these following sentences:1. My friend is like his father.2. My friend is similar to his father.3. He speaks English like a native speaker.4. He speaks English similar to a native speaker.5. My girlfriend is beautiful like the moon.6. My girlfriend is beautiful similar to the moon.7. My opinions are like my friend's opinions.8. My opinions are similar to my friend's opinions.My first question:Does my above sentences have the same meaning?In addition, I looked at a few dictionaries, and I saw that "similar" is an adjective, but "like' can be an adjective, a verb, a preposition and so on.Here are my other questions, please:1. Can we usually use "like" and "similar to" instead of each other in our writing?Thus, Cambridge Dictionary says about one of the meanings of the word "like":"(preposition, conjunction) similar to; in the same way or manner as."2. In accordance with the above dictionary, are "like' and "similar to" synonym?3. Should we use "to" with "similar" that it means 'like"?Thanks in advance and best wishes,

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  • Dear Danny,

    Thank you very much.
    I got my answer.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes,
  • Dear Bijan! I have been thinking about your question for so long as I don't really know how to explain and now I know why. It is because your question is asked incorrectly. I will explain. If you asked me if "to be alike" and "to be similar to" are synonyms, I would immediately say YES.

    My friend is similar to his father.

    My friend and his father are alike.

    My friend looks/acts/behaves like his father.

    All three sentences mean the same: my friend resembles his father.

    In this particular sentence "like" will mean the same.

    I can say the same about your other exaples except that about the girlfriend.

    So, if you mean than one person resembles the other/others these words are the same. But LIKE can be also used differently.

    About your example with the girlfried. Such comparison is incorrect. It must me:

    She is as beautiful as the Moon.

    If you go on asking your questions I may find some clear explanation in time.

  • Dear Danny,

    Thank you for reading my question.
    Please, be sure.

    Best wishes,
  • Bijan, I have got your question, but let me think about my answer, OK?

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