Just for serious and active people - . If ur active, join us, if not please do not waste your and my time - this group will depend mainly on improving skills of listening and speaking.

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please read this before join us -----

hi everybody-- in this club will be like a family -- our first aim is talking english and also make good friendship -- if u want to talk english quickly try to benift from this club correctly-.
but before going to start i would like to tell u my brief story -- i surfed in mnay websites, to find my way to speak englsih--i met many people would like talk englsih , we bagan by adding as friends to talk together --but the main peoblem is many people just add friends and make a beautful comments--only-- even in this club-- this is wrong way -- so i creat this group not just for comments or writting some messages-- me and you togethr will succesd this group -- how? recent reaserch say if u want to speak qiukly u have to listen-- u have to practice with others-- so will together will add audio , story . i want u to have a skype -- to practice english --may be today u speak mistake but tomorrow will speak correctly--

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  • Hi,i want to improve my english skills .can you add in your group.my skype id is live:krushnavardhan2
  • I would like to join here.... Please add me
  • Hello everyone, so as you said i might not speak correctly, but i will tomorrow. i want to join this group. Here is my Skype: live:.cid.6601cb678a01f05e
  • I understood. I will obey your rule. Thank you before. Would you add me in your group?
    My skype : live:.cid.28013b2ce356c17f
  • Hello, I'm Sura. I'm new learner. My speaking is not good so I want to improve my speaking more. Thank you!
  • Salut everyone, i like to meet new people and learn new something.
    I'm passionate about English language.
    I'm improving my English skills for business and pleasure.
    I'm looking for a daily/weekly basis English language exchange partner for practicing English via Skype/Zoom etc.
    I have English materials for practicing and discussion.
    If you're interested, contact with me

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    Skype keeps the world talking. Call, message, and share whatever you want - for free.
  • Great to practice English in real life with real people. I spent a lot of time looking for serious learners. I'm working on my speaking skills, so anyone willing to chat welcome on my skype: virtuallawyer1
  • here's my skype id: live:.cid.1799873bcb6d604e
    please add me to this group!
  • ok sir i view all , please add me here as your friend here to have speaking practice
  • As a non-native-speaker, now I live in California and use English in my daily life. Join me on https://join.skype.com/invite/CSZ8X71Lve5z
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