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  • Hello... I need a partner to practice my Speaking for IELTS Test
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  • Hi

    i am preparing for ielts exam. So I need to join with this group to practice my English.

    my Skype address is

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  • I would like to practice English with anyone who want to improve speaking skill.
    Skype. sumithperera5
  • Hi, I want to speak through skype to increase English skill, my skype ID is : ( itosoft.mamun ) If someone interested please add me. Thank you,

  • hi evry1 i am having trouble with listening test coz the time is limited what should I do to get rid this nervousness?

  • Great, mate. I'm adding you as a friend.

  • Hey guys, I´m quite new here, actually, i´m not quite sure if i´m posting on the proper place, Anyways, i´ve been practicing for IELTS exam (General) and i´d like to find anyone who could read my writing practicing and point some mistakes and improvements. If anyone here can help, please send me an inbox.

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