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This picture is only temporary.. I promise, that I will draw soon a nicer one. :)

Hardi. ^_^

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  • i will be watching it tonight (^_^)d 

  • Now after I have seen also second episode of "Sore ga Seiyuu!". I can say, that I like this anime too. ^_^

    My smoking neighbour is ruining my air again. Seems that he has started to build something.. renewing his room. Making noise there chewing holes to concrete.. time to time and of course he's smoking a lot there.. I guess his room is full of smoke and since his window is open I have to keep mine closed a lot, because wind would bring his smell to me.

    I so hate smokers. If I could help I would exile all smokers who can't quit, to some prison camps.. or smth to some island somewhere, where they can't bother normal people. :P

  • about gakkou gurashi.. i only watch when the girl wake-up and running to school.. i got distracted on something and didnt finish watching it.. but seems cute and remind me of K-ON..

  • Actually I made a mistake. I meant Gakkou Gurashi!, but I copied pasted wrong title. ^_^

    No I haven't heard anything new about "haikyuu!!" ^_^

  • hee~~~~~~~~~  danchigai ka..  i will try it later tonight.

    welcome to AG mala..

    p/s : hardi any news on haikyuu!!   *spoiler alert  ~ haikyuu manga is kinda scary right now because they are at 3 game set to win.. hope they will win.. i want them to go to TOKYO to meet nekoma (>_<)>

  • Hello mala ohighla. Welcome to AG. ^_^

    Fizzy@ Just in case I warn you. That, if you should watch "Danchigai" first episode. Then you have to watch the whole episode to get the right impression of it. ^_^

    Not that I recommend it or anything, since it's just first episode.. and I'm not sure that I will like it at all, but I think it was worth of my time to watch it. ^_^

  • Hi I'm New
  • Hello, Aleksey, Fizzy, Ayu. Welcome to AG, Ayu Pertiwi, is it okay to call you Ayu? Or maybe I should call you Ayu-san. :D

    I don't know anything to recommend beside the one that Fizzy already recommended, because I only have watched the first episodes of every new anime. And now I don't remember all of them anymore. Only the ones that I have freshly watched.

    Well "Himouto! Umaru-chan" was exactly what the title suggest and what the description of it at most common anime sites say about it.
    From the animes I watched yesterday I liked this one most.

    Hello Aleksey, sorry to hear about your dog. ^_^

    Damn now I greeted Aleksey twice.. Now I have to greet everyone else twice too to make it fair.. lol

    Count it done. :P


  • there's lots and one of it is "Akagami no Shirayuki-hime"

    welcome to AG - Ayu Pertiwi

  • I haven't watch anime for this season yet. Any recommendation based on your first impression?

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Dear Yoh,It has been a while we @Animegroup  didn't hear from you.  How are you?   How's life?I hope you are well and hope that you're still coming once a while at MyEC.Just drop by say Hi.. we are still around... well only me... I could see Hardi pop-up once in a while...  Stay safe and Take care Fizzy @ wondering.

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Love Anime

Hi Every one , I joined this group because i crazy about anime Hunter and Naruto are my favorite anime and i love all animeI want from you any recommendation about new anime , i'm in this season watch Ace of diamond 2 ,Shokugeki no souma and other And i'm wait for haikyuu 2  

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