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Share your favorite quotations from animes or/and cartoons here.

One of my favorite from Minami-ke, from Chiaki Minami.


しゃべて ないで、 さっさと ひざまずいて、 ちりとり なさって ください。 この ばかやろう。(shabete naide, sassato hizamazuide, shiratori nasatte kudasi, kono bakayarou.)


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Drawing tutorials.

If you know some good drawing tutorials, that you think, that can be useful to others. Then please post the link/tutorial here. Of course, everything that is related to anime, cartoons, manga and comics are preferred, but anything else is also warmly

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Doraemon Anime.

Since we have so many Doraemon fans here. I think this anime is worth it's own topic here. Well I didn't know this Anime before. And I didn't like it first when tried to watch. But after watching the first episode today. I also started to like it. :)

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