why do people like fantacy?

no one say i bored in seeing animation movies.so here the question arise..y do people like animation ,cartoons fantacy...???eventhough they are all virtual .people like it ..people believe it..not only i mentioned cartoons but also the great graphics effect..people love it and they want to live in it..is there any peculiar feature in it..some people like comic animation.some like adventures..some like a good romantic anime story...every one has their own thought.I want to share my thought (y i involve in anime)coz...its animation:) its not real..there is no restriction..no law..no legal things at all...we can do watever we want..there is no more end in our endless thought in animation world:)...Let all know your point of initiative through this blog..share ur innovation and creativity with me...u are always welcome...have a great day..with regards sana

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  • I don't know. This is very difficult topic.

    I think there's actually no different. Anime is not real, but also the real life is full of illusions. But anime/carton have less bonds with laws of nature or so.. therefore things are more ideal.. Like a crying baby might not appear unpleasant in anime, or girls may look cuter and sexier. People have interesting expressions.

    Well even though the real life isn't like anime, there still are people who trying to pring it into reality by cos-playing.. That's already something extreme, I think. I don't know.. I have seen some pictures, or videos about people doing it. Some look pretty cool, but usually.. It seems like a not so good performance at all. Can't really understand it well.

    Movies are all virtual, it's not real. But animes are better since actors can't perform so well as 2d characters.
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