Well as for me: There's so many Animes that I like that it's really hard to chose one, but I think my favorite Japanese Anime is still "Welcome to N.H.K" (NHK ni youkoso). Even though it's already some years old. I still think it's a so very great Anime.

From cartoons, there's also a lot that I have liked. Simpsons, southpark and etc. So it's hard to tell again, but I would like to mention a British cartoon "Kipper the dog" Although it's for little kids, I like it. Maybe I just like it because it's for little kids. I don't know. But It's a nice cartoon :)

There are also some nice British stop motions, that I like. Like "Wallace and Gromit". Well I think "Wallace and Gromit" don't need to include any video or pictures to introduce it here, it's so famous. :)

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  • faridahmad_Afghan said:
    by the way i like this anime .

  • i have watched it too.. poor tom.. the network should let tom win a one or two fight..
  • farid, Tom and Jerry I have little seen, from cartoon network. I couldn't see it when I was child. But I had heard about it from other kids and I wanted to see it too. Well now when I have seen it. It's really not my favorite. It's so violent. :)
  • off course..for this moment naruto...naruto....and naruto..., beside that any One Piece and Bleach.....
  • Hi Fubu. You're right, there's so many that it's very difficult to tell which ones are favorites. Which I like most and what I like in them.

    Death note, Nodame Cantabile and Bleach I have seen. I stoped watching Bleach though. I got bored of long battle. But I liked it's side stories and non battle episodes.

    I find most of the Anime fights and battling boring. In real movie, maybe I could get little amazed by stunts and things, but in Anime just only seeing big explosions and people flying through of many walls isn't enough to me. It must be more.. I want beauty or something I don't know.. Actually there is one Anime where I enjoyed also fighting scenes. That was Casshern sins. The way how Casshern was fighting was beautiful I think.. there was some beauty in his movements... Well I'm not sure... Maybe it was something else, but at least I remember that there was some fighting scenes that I liked to watch.

    I have little seen XXX Holic and Sailormoon, but they weren't for my liking. Nodame Cantabile I liked, it was so funny. I really loved it, but Nodame Cantabile Paris, I didn't watch to the end. I only watched some first episodes.

    From Animes that are currently ongoing in somewhere in Japan, but not here. I like: Letter Bee, cross game, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun... And many more that I keep watching every week from Internet. :)
  • my favorite anime: none.....because i love so many of them!!
    >Death note
    >Nodame Cantabile
    >Ghost Hunt
    >Bubble Gang Crisis
    >XXX Holic
    and many more....
  • I have mostly used watchanimeon.com and gogoanime.com ,but currently I' have been watching Animes only from watchanimeon.com ,because gogoanime seems to be troubled by server-troubles lately. Well animecrazy.net seems to be a usable site too, I have to check out what they have there, that that other sites don't. :)
  • Yeah,I see. Hardi,where do you usually watch anime? I usually watch anime on zomanime.com or animecrazy.net;do you know any other web?
  • HI. Pham Quang Haib. You're right "Hayate no gotoku" is a funny anime, I liked it too.

    Currently, from ongoing Animes Letter Bee seems also to be pretty good. Although it's Adventure Anime not comedy, the first 4 episodes that I watched were interesting. I like it.
  • Uhm,I watched some anime series but I think my favorite Japanese Anime is "Hayate no gotoku season II" series cause it's very fun.Otherwise,I like Tom & Jerry series too,from chilhood until now it's always be one of my favorite cartoon, :D
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