Well as for me: There's so many Animes that I like that it's really hard to chose one, but I think my favorite Japanese Anime is still "Welcome to N.H.K" (NHK ni youkoso). Even though it's already some years old. I still think it's a so very great Anime.

From cartoons, there's also a lot that I have liked. Simpsons, southpark and etc. So it's hard to tell again, but I would like to mention a British cartoon "Kipper the dog" Although it's for little kids, I like it. Maybe I just like it because it's for little kids. I don't know. But It's a nice cartoon :)

There are also some nice British stop motions, that I like. Like "Wallace and Gromit". Well I think "Wallace and Gromit" don't need to include any video or pictures to introduce it here, it's so famous. :)

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  • I don't know "Gusto's restoran" Lately I have watched Simpsons an Southpark from tv. but.. I also tried to watch "family guy" but it was late night and made me sleepy.. But I have heard a lot of positive about "family guy".

    As for age.. Age means nothing. Being old, is no reason to not watch something. :D I heard that my second niece had also been shocked. "So big boy, but still watching cartoons!" :)
    Well, that's what you expect from kids, they want to grow up fast and become adult.. Looking down to cartoons as something childish, is also one way to feel like being a adult.

    I think that, those who think that watching animations is childish. Are likely quite too childish from deep inside by them selves.
  • Yes, Last exile is really a very good anime. I have watched it many times.. Well last time I stopped watching after 20th episode or smth though.. I wasn't able to watch it's end so many times again. Those last episodes are somewhat sad. But the artwork and the mood.. it's really good.
  • Well I like Evagelion and Elfen Lied,they are my favorites.
  • same here.. I hoping there a sequel on fruit basket though but no news on that.. well atleast based on the manga its happy ending.. =D
  • Nice to see your comment here, Yummy. I have watched fruit basket too. I got something a little more to know about chinese zodiacs by watching it.. :)
  • Some years ago I saw first 100 or something episodes of Onepiece from tv, but then that tv. channel stopped to broadcast it. Latter I have tried 2 times to start to watch it online, but gave up, because the plot is developing so slow. Although animation is very cool and nice. Some monsters are very cool, but still.. I don't know. I can watch animes about daily life, without getting bored.. well actually lucky star was a bit boring.. it was too opposite to fighting animes it had so much talking that I got sleepy and couldn't follow it... I fell asleep, but the ones about fighting.. I get impatient. I want to see bad guys being already beaten up and the story to moving on. :D It's just so boring.. It's more like a exhibition of all kind of cool fighting moves, than a real fight. I think.
  • i'm planning to watch one piece because most review said that its a good anime.. but dont know why.. i'm not yet start watching it.. its so many episod..
  • I liked One piece first.. but it's too long. I haven't watched it for years. My favorite character was Chopper.. and also Nami with her strong punches. :)

  • anyway, is there anybody like "ONEPIECE"????
  • wow that's cool,i like it.
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