Well as for me: There's so many Animes that I like that it's really hard to chose one, but I think my favorite Japanese Anime is still "Welcome to N.H.K" (NHK ni youkoso). Even though it's already some years old. I still think it's a so very great Anime.

From cartoons, there's also a lot that I have liked. Simpsons, southpark and etc. So it's hard to tell again, but I would like to mention a British cartoon "Kipper the dog" Although it's for little kids, I like it. Maybe I just like it because it's for little kids. I don't know. But It's a nice cartoon :)

There are also some nice British stop motions, that I like. Like "Wallace and Gromit". Well I think "Wallace and Gromit" don't need to include any video or pictures to introduce it here, it's so famous. :)

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  • Hi, Ishtar I guess I also hve almost forgotten "NHK ni youkoso" too. But I have now many new favorites.

    "Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love!" It's the best magical boys anime.. well there isn't many magical boys animes to start with, but this one beats them all. The magical girls animes too.. Though, there isn't any magical girls anime that I like.. Actually, the story not very interesting, but I just like this absurd anime.. The opening song also was nice.. Love, Love Love something song... And then those twins in second season had nice song, that they where singing.. something "Lucky you!" ..unfortunately youtube has removed all of these, that people had uploaded, because violation of copy right...

    "Fukigen no Mononokean" I also like too..
    Then "Free splash" I like.. "Nanbaka"; "Bungou Stray Dogs" ..."Bungou Stray Dogs" alsp had nice song.. "Namae wo Yobu yo". I think, it's not a song made specially for this anime, probably.. There are several uploads of it in youtube though.. Must be a good music company not going around the internet to tear down illegal uploads.. or perhaps they are not really illegal.. Anyways, I like that song also.. Well there's still so many very good animes that I like. ^_^

  • Wow! NHK! I had already forgotten about that one.
    My favorites are FLKL, Fukigen no Mononokean, Lain, Paranoia Agent, Utena, School Days, Paprika's Movie and above all else, Digimon <3 

    I like a lote more, but I think that those are my definite favorites. 

    Also, I prefer 1000% to read the manga than to watch the anime

  • - Hunter X Hunter

    - FullMetal Alchemist

    - Gintama

    - Detective Conan

    - Betrayal Knows my Name

    - Magi 

    - Maid Sama

    - kamisama hajimemashita

  • Hi Hardi,

    I have just found a series of Japanese Manga and American Cartoon strips in Magazine form.  It is no longer published.  It was intended to teach English speaking students Japanese and gives good explanations in each language.  The magazine is called Mangajin and it was also used in Japan for teaching English to Japanese students.  There is one site that has the first 30 issues archived on the web if you are interested in seeing some.

    • Hi, thank you Mr. Bob.

      I looked the page you told about. Although I don't have now time to check, or read it all, then from first look it sure looks like a good find.
      The amount of pages scares me a bit, though. seems each issue have 84 pages, and beside of manga illustrations there's a lot of text explaining each page of the manga.. So those 30 first issues is actually a lot! ^_^

  • Detective Conan
    the best ever
  • Hello Rana. Nice to meet you.

    You are absolutely right. There are many good and interesting stories in amimes and cartoons... as like in books, or in manga and comic, except anime communicate with you through of more senses. It have sound and animated pictures.. ^_^

  • Pleach...Naruto...One peace

  • Hi, Hardi.

    I'am an anime lover too. I'd love to watch almost all of funny or martial arts animes. Until now, the most favorite anime for me is Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai-X). I really love it. Other animes that I like are Fairy Tail, and Garasu No Kamen (Glass Mask -- The only drama genre of anime I like).

    • Hello, and welcome to anime group, Ayu. ^_^

      I liked "Rurouni Kenshin" too. "Fairy Tail" is also pretty good anime, but I have only watched just some first episodes a long time ago.

      Now I like "Kamisama Hajimemashite". It's a new anime of this autumn... But it's not about martial arts... I'm not so much into martial arts. I think. :)

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