The latest anime you saw.

Please tell here about the latest anime, or cartoon, that you saw.The latest anime I saw, was a episode of Black lagoon Although I have seen it before, but today I felt like watching it little again. It's a great anime full of shooting guns, killing people, pirates, vulgar language and so on.Oh yeah it's age rating is mature(May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence) :PI liked those crazy killer kids, that will appear in second season.. I think they didn't had a part in first season.. They're so extremely psycho and crazy.I usually don't like this kind of things, but this Anime I really liked.Probably I liked it, because It's Black comedy. :)I don't like too pure horror and drama so much. ;)Well if it were shown it in horror manner, instead comedy. I sure wouldn't be able to watch it.. :D

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  • It's been AGES since the last time I actually watch anime.
    The last one I finished was Detroit Metal City which was HILARIOUS

    It's a classic, I've been told.

    Also, I started to watch Ai Shite Knight but haven't finished it yet.


    Both are about music but TOTALLY different styles.

  • Yes it's good. Eden of the East was the first anime ever, that made me to want to read the same story as manga, but I was surprised and a bit disappointed when found out, that there actually isn't manga. It was a original tv series.. ^_^

  • I watched Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East), it was really awesome!

  • Latest episode of "Non Non Biyori Repeat" is the latest anime I watched yesterday... Today I haven't watched any yet.
    The candy story lady in "Non Non Biyori" is so nice. I want to marry her, then maybe I could get candies free from her store.. hehe just kidding. ^_^

  • Hello Kaia. It's a very good anime. It has movie too, but I think, that like series more. ^_^

  • Hi HARDI

    This is the lastest animie i saw:

    2385346869?profile=originalHave a nice time!

    • I think the name of this anime is familiar to me... But I haven't watched it. Well I suppose I like different animes, that's why I haven't watched it.

      Well there's currently another basketball anime running. It's "Kuroko no Basuke" I've liked it so far, but I think this one also is not my most favorite. There are some, that I like even more.. I think.

      Anyways, thank you for sharing.^_^

    • Hi Hardi

      May be is not your type of animes, but i advise you to see it it's very funny !!

      Have a nice time!

  • Fizzy, I didn't watch "Grave of the Fireflies" because I know the story. Maybe I will watch it sometime. ;)

    Haven't seen "Kiki's Delivery Service" yet. Saw only part one (10 minutes of it) on-line... Hope to see whole someday.

    I watched the Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away again yesterday. And really, they both are good. I liked the wasteland witch in Howl's moving Castle and how the Girl(sorry forgot her name) transforming to old.. It's interesting and of course the castle. It's not easy to imagine such castle. I have too reasonable mind. I can't do it.. I start to think about gears and wheels axis and such.. but there it's magic, it's difficult unreasonable.. pure imagination, how that castle moves/lives.. It's a living house. So it's difficult. The one who drew this anime is a very great artist with no limits for imagination.. Although spirited away, is better in some extend, It doesn't have as amusing characters in it as wasteland witch in Howl's walking castle.. So There actually can't tell, that one is better than other.
  • I like the Ghibli films in general, but have missed many of later works. Like Hardi, mostly I like earlier works directed by Hayao Miyazaki, such as "Castle in the Sky" and "Kiki's Delivery Service".

    Natasha, Japan takes advantage of having so many volcanoes and hot springs. Public bathhouses are everywhere; they are cheap or even free for local people. The hot spring in my birth place is one of the oldest (it has been used for 3000 years). Fizzy, I found a couple of pictures of inside the bathhouse - probably some similarities with "Spirited Away", but they have no scary old lady there, I hope ;)

    left: bath room; right: I don't know what this is (guest room?) [ref]
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