Share your favorite quotations from animes or/and cartoons here.

One of my favorite from Minami-ke, from Chiaki Minami.

しゃべて ないで、 さっさと ひざまずいて、 ちりとり なさって ください。 この ばかやろう。(shabete naide, sassato hizamazuide, shiratori nasatte kudasi, kono bakayarou.)

And English translation would be:

"Quit talking and hurry up and get down your knees with the dustpan already, if you'd be ever so kind"... "You idiot!"

The translation is not mine. Someone kind enough, from Japanesepage.com helped me to translate it a long while ago. :)

It's probably my most favorite scene from the minami-ke.

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  • I love those "oro" moments too.
    Thanks. :)
  • Minami-ke is so funny..

    mine would be kenshin from samurai x - Oro part

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