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    • I wish I could make cartoons, or animations too, but I don't have enough dedication. Even drawing a single frame seems like so much of work.


      Well. Good job for making this Animation, and thanks for sharing it with us.



  • SO cute!!!

    Hardi said:
    Experimenting with patterns. :)

  • It's VERY strange...- confusing boys and girls and vice versa... Everyone usually ends up with their own gender while drawing ^_^
  • I intended to draw a boy, when drawing this avatar. But it really turned out pretty much feminine. Maybe, because, that I had kannagi's short bang in my mind when drawing the bang.. I know, guys usually don't have bang.. But I just saw a Kannagi episode earlier and some how, Nagi's haircut looked interesting to me.. different from usual anime style hairs. I wanted to try to draw a similar, too short bang too.. to understand, how, even though it was looking somewhat silly, she was still so cool.

    You can see a picture of "Nagi" from "Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens" at.

    My earlier avatar, was the same picture, that is currently the avatar of Anime Group.. The black haired girl with spoon.

    I often fail to draw gender correctly. It have happened, that while I start to draw a girl, I end up with a guy too.. It's usually because my mind wanders away somewhere while drawing.

    And yeah, I have currently pretty long hairs. I can set them to tail.. Not the ones from fore head though.. they don't reach yet.
    I just want to grow them really long for at least once before I get too bald.. ^_^
  • @ Arale---Maybe it is just a boy with very long hair. Hardi, what was your earlier Avatar? I never say it because I was not yet in the club. Also I like the little guy with long ears holding the plate of food. That would make a very good avatar too.

    The long hair boy never looks happy because his mouth looks sad. Hardi, why do you want your avatar to be sad;D.

    Arale said:
    I wonder who/what made Hardi create this avatar? Looks like a girl! :D

    Hardi said:
    My new avatar.

  • Some old scribbles of mine.. from something year 1994 :)


  • Thanks for your reply. The anime inspired you, and the result ,as it often happens, turned out unexpected, but great!
  • Actually that picture was originally inspired by latest episode of "Kaitshou wa Maidsama".. there were a scene, where someone was telling ghost story and..

    Well that eye looked like a boat in anime and I wanted to try to draw something similar.. but as always when I have some concrete idea that I want to try.. I pretty much fail.. this time too.. every thing else in picture is almost okay, since I didn't had specified them before drawing, but for that eye.. I couldn't draw it as I imagined, therefore I gave up with a cool eye boat and ended up with just some scribble.. :)
  • Hi Hardy,
    Your picture is beauteous! It's bright and conveys a particular emotion...
  • that abstract is cool hardi.. i like it..
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