Drawing tutorials.

If you know some good drawing tutorials, that you think, that can be useful to others. Then please post the link/tutorial here. Of course, everything that is related to anime, cartoons, manga and comics are preferred, but anything else is also warmly welcome. ^_^

Well I start with some Inkscape tutorials that I found from youtube and think that might be useful for beginners, who open that drawing program the first time. The diction is a bit bad, but.. It gives the basic knowledge of how to use this program.

Rest of Inkscape tutorials from the same authors  can be found from youtube in here.

This another video is not so much useful as tutorial I think, but it's just so cool to see how this guy draws that dragon.

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  • http://www.inkscape.org/

    M.Adaway said:
    You are creative hardy can you give us link to this program to down load and use?
  • That bakaneko site have some pretty useful tutorials.. it seems. If I only could have more patience to read and think what I'm reading. I might be able to learn to draw from it. :D

    Thanks for the link, eiburukun ;)
  • I was trying to left a link but I don't know how to do it ,so here it is :www.bakaneko.com ,you can find tutorials for drawing and to painting in Photoshop.
  • It's not so difficult to draw by using this software (Inkscape) though. You can just draw rounds and rectangles and then change the shapes, like shown in first video.. Almost like using clay.. And the program is free too.

    I'm actually not very good too, I'm too lazy to add first the aid lines for correct perspectives and proportions. And without them..
    I do it all wrong. And I'm bad with handling pencil. Don't have so fine movements in fingers to make pencil to move in the way I want. So I'm actually better with mouse. :D

    When I was kid. I liked to draw with lead pencil. I wasn't good about coloring and painting. Well, I wasn't too good at lead pencil too, I think. Average, perhaps. But in school. I even got bad grades in art class, because I did not finish. I even couldn't start my drawing, because I was still thinking what to draw, when others had already finished.
  • its cool and its good topic.. i dont creative enough to draw.. it would turn out ugly..
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