Doraemon Anime.

Since we have so many Doraemon fans here. I think this anime is worth it's own topic here. Well I didn't know this Anime before. And I didn't like it first when tried to watch. But after watching the first episode today. I also started to like it. :)

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    • Nice shirt. Fits you so well. :)
  • Yeah, but it seems that bullying has been the daily activities for them, particularly Giant (who is addicted so much (my opinion only) ). Suneo is such a coward, because he always bothers Nobita and then asks for protection to Giant. He's also arrogant because he always exposes any good stuff he has to his friends and it makes Nobita envies him so much. Sometimes, Suneo is black and blue because of Giant hahaha..He deserves that
  • I agree, Achan. Giant and Suneo can be either friends or foes depending on Nobita's life condition and behavior.

    Oh no, Karenina's nice post is gone T_T
    • I was wondering too, where her posts went..
      Can't think anything else than, Karenina have leaved MyEc. Can't find her profile, nor any of her posts.
  • Takeshi (Giant) and Suneo are the great bullier. However, they can be good friends for Nobita when teaming up..:)
  • Hi Karenina,

    Thanks for the interesting post. Does your daughter like Doraemon too?

    Enthusiasm for Doraemon never fades in Japan. I found a poll ranking on Doraemon's tools (ref) . Three of them overlap with yours.

    I may be tempted by "the door to go anywhere" too, - or "time machine". It would be interesting if MyEC members use the door to see each other and practice English ^_^

    1. Door to go anywhere (dokodemo-door; どこでもドア)
    It takes you wherever you want.

    2. Time machine (タイムマシン)
    You can travel time.

    3. Bamboo helicopter (takekoputah; タケコプター)
    You can fly with it attached on your head.

    4. Translation konnyaku (honyaku-konnyaku; ほんやくコンニャク)
    Eating it enables you to understand and speak any languages.

    5. Doctor’s bag (oishasan-kaban; おいしゃさんカバン)
    The stethoscope instantaneously diagnoses your sickness and cures it.

    6. Memorizing bread (anki-pan; あんきパン)
    You can automatically memorize what you wrote on the bread.
  • I suppose "the door to go anywhere" might be pretty useful.. but also magic bag and "The circle to penetrate walls".. don't have favorite. Actually I only know the magic bag from that list.. I think. I haven't seen all episodes.
  • Hi Mars Russo,
    Your knowledge on Doraemon is pretty amazing. I like Doraemon, but I guess all I know is the 1979 series. I am sure I will try sometime the brand-new series. Thanks for the info.
  • If you want to watch Doraemon anime, I recommend Doraemon 2006 2007 2009 ( Nobita's Dinosaur, Nobita's Adventure Into The Magic World, Nobita and the Space Blazer)
    I don't really like how they changed the original scenario but it's still a beautiful story about these friends: Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo... so it's cool to me.
    The old version animes (1979) are quite not as good as the mangas (Like my friends always say: if you read the manga, you don't want to see the anime) I quite agree with my friend about that.
    But celebrating Doraemon's anniversary, a new Doraemon series produced by the same team as the 1979 series (in association with Studio Pierrot), began airing on TV Asahi on April 15, 2005 with new voice actors and staff, and updated character designs. It'll amaze you a big one for sure if you think the 1979 version is good enough!
    (Just ask if my words confuse you, there must be a load of grammar or vocabulary mistakes above T.T)

  • Doreamon is truly a good friend.Eventhought sometimes Nobita's requests are impossible but he always help Nobita with everything he has.And Nobita is a good boy as well,we can see althought he is a bit ...,always fight with Takeshi and Suneo,jealous of Hidetoshi but when the problem comes up,Nobita and his friend are a great team.Every character has a hidden beauty so it made Doreamon series become very attractive. :D
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