Inkscape don't have the animation creating features yet, but I thought a way how to make them. It's not the easiest way yet. But it seems it's possible. To make drawing easier I added all frames into one svg file. Each frame is a rectangle. First I did draw a rectangle and then cloned it as many number as frames needed. And added every frame next to last one, so they would be in creating order (It is important to draw frames (rectangles) first in one go. Latter it would be hassle to include more (It would require renaming them).The inkscape names objects like this: first one is something example: rect2162 and every next one have it's number increased by 2. That means that next one would be rect2164. That is why it would be difficult to add later more, since the script I made requires that frame numbers would be in increasing row where each next one is bigger by 2.After drawing frames. I made an bash script, that will make animated GIF
#!/bin/bash var1=2162var2=2186until [ $var1 -ge $var2 ]doinkscape -z --file=katse2.svg --export-id=rect$var1 --export-png=output/rect$var1.png((var1+=2))donecd outputconvert *.png -scene 10 image2.gifrm *.png
And the reult:Well not the best animation. It limp a bit, but considering that it's made by an hour or so and I have made only few animated characters before.. I think it's not too bad.That script works with Linux and requires Inkscape and Imagemagic to be installed, but I think there is possible to make one for windows too.And in same way there can create also video files. It was little troublesome for me since I don't know a straight way for building a video file from PNG images. Therefore I used Imagemagic to convert png images into jpg and them used mplayer to add jpg files into mpg4 video file.Like this:
#!/bin/bash var1=2162var2=2186until [ $var1 -ge $var2 ]doinkscape -z --file=katse1.svg --export-id=rect$var1 --export-png=output/rect$var1.pngconvert output/rect$var1.png -quality 80 output/l1s1$var1.jpgrm output/rect$var1.png((var1+=2))donecd outputmencoder "mf://*.jpg" -mf fps=25 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4rm *.jpg

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