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  • William Shakespeare's Quotes

    86 members Latest Activity: Sep 18

    Hello all members! I think somehow, everyone knows William Shakespeare. And to some extend, we all have at least ever heard one…


    114 members Latest Activity: May 25

    Let's play a game and enrich our vocabulary!…

  • Weekly News

    70 members Latest Activity: Aug 3

    Since 2006, I have been writing and recording news stories for EnglishClub.

    Even though I am giving up most of my EC duties in 2016, I…

  • Business English

    95 members Latest Activity: Jun 6


    How to reply  business emails in different situations.…

  • EC Cooks

    45 members Latest Activity: Sep 15

    Do you like cooking? Are you interested in exchanging the recipes? If you want to try something new, you are more than welcome to join this group.…


    19 members Latest Activity: Feb 5, 2015

    This group has been created for EC STARS, which will be filled only with featured members. But in this group all the EC members will be allowed to…


    542 members Latest Activity: Sep 18

    This group is for all people who don´t feel comfortable with their spoken English and want to practise it by recording themselves. Lately here on…

  • My Personality

    27 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2015 This group aims at providing tips for improving personality of the group members. It also entertains debates and deliberations on the tips or any…

  • Short English Lessons

    45 members Latest Activity: May 9, 2017

    This group is for those who wish to learn interactions in English on real life situations.

  • Health Issues

    88 members Latest Activity: Sep 15, 2017

    The docs certainly give very strange names to the diseases :-)

  • Infographs

    128 members Latest Activity: Jun 22

    This group is designed to show information by using infographs. Internet world leads to explosion in information and this group will show the…

  • EC Poets

    93 members Latest Activity: Feb 20, 2017

    I want to make a group for all poets, hope EC will publish compilations poems and great poets

  • Share to be shared

    7 members Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2015

    Sometimes you need someone who can give you advice or simply listen to you, but you find noone. You think things get worse and worse. That is the…

  • Phrases & Idioms Masters

    68 members Latest Activity: May 9, 2017

    This group aims at improving use of phrases and idioms to make English more enjoyable and sweet.

  • I Love Teaching English

    49 members Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2016

    Hello my dear Ec Friends,

    This group is for whom love to teach English. I hope this group will help all people who love to learn English…

  • Tara's novel

    29 members Latest Activity: Aug 5

    I've just finished Tara's novel. I should have finished reading it earlier, but I didn't want to rush it, or rather I didn't want to miss out on…

  • Sing a song

    290 members Latest Activity: Sep 15

    This group is designed to let members listen to a song and try to write the lyrics.This group will help members to increase listening and speaking…

  • Debate

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2015

    Share your ideas for creating an English Club debate group. 


    15 members Latest Activity: Jan 19, 2016

    Most non-native speakers of English find it hard to speak English fluently, because they can't learn English the way they learn their first…

  • BEST

    233 members Latest Activity: Nov 4, 2017


    In a warm & friendly English air,

     try here for the best atmosphere.

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