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R H Elgohary's Groups (23)

  • Question and Answers

    222 members Latest Activity: Aug 3, 2018 The objective of this group is to ask any question that could cause you dilemma

  • Thoughts

    33 members Latest Activity: Mar 21, 2018 I have watched the "Thoughts Programme" of a young Saudi man on the AL-Ressalah Channel. It talks about Arab and Muslim scientists. I liked the…

  • Let's cook together

    137 members Latest Activity: May 3, 2015 We can share our ideas about cooking, give here our favorite recipes and dishes. We can learn more about each other's culture through the cuisine of…

  • Change the world from within

    115 members Latest Activity: Mar 20 This is a group for EC members, who want to change the world from within by sharing bliss or interests about different subjects including science,…

  • Daily Vocabulary Learning

    241 members Latest Activity: Jul 5, 2017

    Let's make a notebook, collect phrases, new words, idioms regularly. Slowly but steadily. Please allow yourself to do your own sentences or use…

  • World Peace: Myth or Reality?

    49 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2012 This is a group for peace-makers worldwide. I believe you are the one. Join in and stay proactive!

  • Business Group

    42 members Latest Activity: May 17, 2017 To build and run our own Small Business and become an independent entrepreneur (or perhaps many of us are already entrepreneurs). The idea and goal…

  • English Teachers

    149 members Latest Activity: Jul 31, 2017 This is a group for you that is a teacher of English and want to exchange ideas and experiences about your career or just make new friends. Join…

  • Where are you from?

    119 members Latest Activity: Aug 12, 2015 Here you can talk about every thing in your country like best places you can visit & the best, people you meet and talk with them & what about…

  • Vocabulary Tricks

    219 members Latest Activity: Sep 27, 2012

    have you heard about root (stem)? do you know the meaning of prefix? have you ever failed to know the suffix? the problem of poor vocabulary or…

  • Writing Centre

    65 members Latest Activity: May 17, 2017 The "writing centre" group was created to establish a place for sharing ideas about how to write, and helping each other with what we know, even the…

  • Let's study English better!

    193 members Latest Activity: Oct 19, 2017 This group will help you study English better through English stories, games etc...

  • Free Writing

    88 members Latest Activity: May 25, 2017 Express your ideas through free writing and you will get feedback from your readers.

  • writing contest

    68 members Latest Activity: Nov 3, 2018 do you love or like writing? do you want to improve your writing skills? do you want to win? well if your answer is yes to any of the above then join…

  • Short Stories

    164 members Latest Activity: Nov 4, 2016 Benefits of short stories: Researchers who advocate the use of short stories to teach ESL/EFL list several benefits of short stories. These…

  • Geography

    67 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2012 We have all read many books on geography, but we still have problems. With this group we can share ideas about our countries' geographies.

  • Human Rights

    193 members Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2016 You have right to know what are your human rights .

  • Discover Yourself

    89 members Latest Activity: Dec 5, 2014 You are the most critical variable of your happiness, success in achieving what you want. You can manage your response to them. Your skill and your…

  • Practice English with Tanya

    1285 members Latest Activity: Mar 16 Dicussing different topics, sharing ideas, improving grammar and vocabulary

  • Collection of Phrases

    163 members Latest Activity: Apr 17, 2017 A phrase is group of words which is used together and has a meaning of its own. In another word, the meaning of a phrase is often not obvious from…

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