• Thanks Setareh.  Please join us through this ordeal (hihi).  There are actually 4 quizzes to answer.  The last one is the major quiz which is the hardest of all the quizzes.  Hope to see you on all the quizzes.  

  • You know me Lady Anne, I'm very confuse using these 3 important prepositions, thanks for the lesson. I have just finished  answering your given quiz. 

    • There are more than 3 prepositions Jesson.  In fact, they are quite many but my time cannot embrace them all and put them here as a lesson.  I just selected the common ones.  I want you to ask anything and put it here anything that is not clear to you with regards to this lesson.

      Welcome Jesson.....

  • Sounds interesting. I experienced, these are really very confusing.

    Can you explain the difference between
    at the table and on the table, please.

    • "At" and "on" used here are both prepositions of place.  Prepositions of place are in Lesson 9.

      Now I will have to explain it in advance. I hope this will not confuse other learners since this is not related to lesson 8.

      "at the table" indicates a place (the table), or if someone/something is at a point (table)

      example:  They were all seated at the table.  (Of course, they are not seated on the table but at that point of location which is the "table")

      "on the table" means something is on the surface of the table.

      example:  The apple is on the table.


      If it still confusing, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • Thank you so much dearest Lady Anne. ( It's something difficult for me to call you Lady Anne without playing with letters like Annnneeeee :D)

    I just want to insure about some points related to the words morning and evening. If I write them without the article the, should I write on?  

    I also know that we should add at before the word night. Correct me please, and It will be nice of you if you write some examples to make it clear. 

    • It's incorrect to say "on morning" or "on evening".  Insert a day before the time then it will be correct to use "on" like on Tuesday morning.

      "At night" is correct as mentioned in the rule.  It's similar to "at midnight", "at lunchtime", etc.

      Some examples are:

      I wish to see you at night.

      We say our prayer at night before going to bed.

    • Thank you. I got it now. I didn't pay attention to adding the day before the time.

      mmm, what about the weekend. Is it on the weekend or at the weekend? I read it once with on so I'm confused. I thought it's like that. Ex. I like staying at home at weekends. I will visit my grandma on the weekend.

    • Aha.... so you have been reading while you were away from EC.  That's good!  Noty, let's stick to the rules. 

      Your sentence appears quite convincing and not awkward to read but grammar rules are meant to be observed.  So the correct sentence should be:

      I like staying at home on weekends. I will visit my grandma at the weekend.

      I know you have lots of questions in your pockets.  Just don't be shy to let them out.  I will be happy to entertain you to the best that I can give.  If I couldn't satisfy you we would absolutely seek professional help!

      I like an inquisitive learner.  They have the tendency to learn things easily and abruptly.

    • please don't misunderstand me. I'm not a good reader like you, other wow gals, I read once a month, a year or a decade. :D

      I got it now. You made it clear to me. Thank you so much. I always have mistakes in prepositions. 

      Don't worry whenever I hesitate about something I will annoy you with my questions. Be ready. :P

      Now I will run to the quiz and I will dazzle you with my answers. kekeke :P

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