• Thanks a lot, Lady Anne, for posting this lesson. I really learned a lot.

    • In case you forget about these confusing prepositions, you can always come back and review.  Welcome Nido!

  • Hi dear Lady Anne

    Thanks so much for your lesson, your brief explanations and examples make it easy to learn.

    • Welcome aboard Saba!  Thanks a lot!

  • this time i will study before exam, promise mademoiselle:)

    • Hahaha..... I know the reason why.  It was the fault of that quote which I posted before.  Don't blame yourself too much.

      I hope that you can still sleep well, Stranger!

    • problem is also that I forgot quote as well:)

  • I already did the quiz 8 hope the result will publish soon

    • Dear Ratu,

      Result will be published on April 28.  Don't worry. I know you are a diligent learner.  I have not yet seen your work because I have scheduled the checking on the eve of April 27.

      Go, go, go...... 

  • Dear Anne, your grammatical points are so useful. thanks alot.
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