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"Beauty and the Beast" Game (iii)




She is our Beauty;




Continue the story:

Finally the beast finds out he can make everyone loves only with his kindness…


Now you can finish this game by seeing the nice scene of their life. Please click on these words to find it.



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"Beauty and the Beast" Game (i)


Well done!!


This is the flower:



Continue the story:

But the handsome-prideful prince doesn't accept her gift and makes her force to go out!

Suddenly, that old woman becomes to a beautiful-young girl. The prince regrets about his job. But she enchants

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"Beauty and the Beast" Game (iv)





You win!


   For being one of our winners, please give us the addresses of those 4 words which flower, prince, beauty and their happiness were hidden behind them.

Please let us know your idea about this story and game.


Thanks f

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"Beauty and the Beast" Game (ii)


Good Job!!


It is our prince's face:




Continue the story:

A girl (The Beauty) comes to his castle and finds his heart full of kindness although the shape of his beast face...


Do you like to see the Beauty?

Her nice face is hidden in the other side of o

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word's game

5- Hidden letters

by Sahar on October 30, 2011 at 8:34pm

Questioner considers a word or sentence and says how many letters it has.

Others say letters one by one to see the place of that letter.

Everyone who can find the answer sooner is the winner and s/

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