The Soul of Yemen ( Sana'a )


 It is located  between the two stable shoulders of the country that  never shake whatever the circumstances are, Ayban And Noqum. It's said that this city is the soul of Yemen and the source of inspiration for all the Yemenis and the talented nations all over the arabic civilizations throughout the history. First of all, it is said that it has been established by Sam, the sun of NOUH. Therfore, it's the oldest civilization that ever exist in the entire world. It's the city that really goes beyond any description a person could give. It deserve more than being or going to be said or written about. If you have been a visitor to the  kingdom of of such a  faire soul , you will be astonished by the construction it has taken, the decoration it has recieved, the architecture has been applied, the artificiality, and the  colourful dress it has been wearing since long ago and still. It strongly captures your attention at the first glance you take and gets you into her trap that you will never ever endure gettting off.


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