A place where you can show and share flowers and green grass photos, that were taken by you. Give a short description, like name of the flower, place, time, brand of camera and you can use revolutionary techniques.
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We trample grass, and prize the flowers of May; yet the grass is green when the flower fades away. Southwell, R.

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  • Wow,Bernd,thank you for this nice flower.
    My cactuses never bloom,I'm so sad about it.:((
  • Hi friends
    wthat a unique kind of flowers you share
    and nice colors too
    flowers and roses make me happy and have a good mood
    too ....it make me cheerful
    thank u all for sharing
  • Hi Nhirry,
    I've never seen this flower before,it's really unique.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • its exquisite nhirry-arisoa. and this is a beautiful group surrounded with natures exotic flowers
  • i like these flowers
    thank you Farid

    have a nice day
  • Hi Farid
    nice colors
    ur favorit colors ..
    i like these colors too
    so nice green with orange
    very beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    have a nice day
  • Hi Farid,
    My answer to your question:

    meaning of red flowers Red Flowers:
    There is good reason red roses are given to sweethearts. It’s because red is symbolic of passion, love, and energy. Red runs through our bodies in raging rivers of blood. Red rushes to our cheeks when we feel the heat of our feelings. Red resonates with the root chakra and reminds us of our animal instincts. Indeed, red is the spark that kindles our most fervent flames of desire. Send red flowers to someone who needs a jolt of energy – this shock of color is sure to get their engines revving!
    I used this page:
  • hi Faridahmad
    i have read the advice of thr vocabulary which gave it to u Mr.Bill ..how to write 5 words each a day...so i want to give u this link ..to register there..then each day u will recive a new day to leran ok?
    speaking 24.com..
    hope u like it.
  • hi farid
    will add soon another photos here.
    u too have a nice day
  • hi faridahmad
    how r u /
    long time didnt hear from u
    how sre ur roses and flowers?
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