Hint:The word of the day begins with the letter “S” and has 5 letters long. * He'd been drunk when I arrived. Now he is s_ _ _ _.* It was a room filled with sad, s_ _ _ _ faces.* We are now far more s_ _ _ _ and realistic.* The euphoria is giving way to a more s_ _ _ _ assessment of the situation. Can you guess the word of the day?The word of the day is an adjective means “being not drunk, but serious and thoughtful".Please write your answer in this blog.http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/the-word-of-aug-15-2012Thank you !Skoon ...

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  • The word is "sober" answered by Gabriel Sowrian, Sakshi, nida, Asma, PARSHA, Javier, and Sahar. The winners are Gabriel Sowrian, nida, PARSHA, and Sahar. Thanks for participating!
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