love is blind

i used to love by all my heart. At that time i thought that love could give me power to win all. But finally all finished. i thought that i could not live without him. All day i cried. That time was so terrible.

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  • First cut may be the deepest, but it definitely makes one stronger!  :)))
  • Love is like a music which the harmonization is some important thing to do,,without it we can't through the part with comfortable...
    we are a human whose the great beings,take the harmonization into your life and give your love to all recovers "earth" into more better..
  • thanks, nice to meet .
  • Helo nice to meet you, well I think love is not blind,I think love needs to discover something every day,the things that couples discover every day create bonds ,but with time people FORGET TO SEE their love ones and stop to create new bonds , then love ends because they don't see each other ,they are near each other but see themselves as stranges.
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