Hallo everyone.. my aim is to develop our English speaking skills) I'll try to do my best and share my knowledge with u) only  female skypers can be added ) thnx i advance.

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  • Hi my skype name is live:.cid.ff65967b54ac3410. I want to improve my English speaking skills.
    • Hi. I can be your partner. This is my ID
  • Hi everyone! I would like to be part of this group. My skype name live:.cid.7a98c22333e1e2e0
    • Hello nico_sky !
      You can text me in private. Though i dont practice regularly. But it would be nice to speak with girls.
  • Hi, I would like to learn English. I can teaching Portuguese if anybody want to learn. We can exchange our skills languages. My Skype is marcelo.bohrer@gkn.com.
  • hi everyone, I'm a new member, pls add me for the group , my skype name is le.xuanchi663 . I want to practice my English skills and talk fluently more
  • Hi there :-) I'm not much into Skype, but I usually use Whatsapp, so if you want to practice feel free to send me a private message and we can exchange numbers.

    I consider I have a good level of English (not perfect by any means, though), but I need to continue practicing it and learning more!
    However I don't like talking with men much, you see. I'm engaged and boyfriend is jealous.
    Sometimes I just want to chat about life and girly stuff and all people talking to me here are flirty guys :-( Not fun. 

  • Hello Everyone!!

    Only those who belong to Intermediate level.

    I`ve created a skype group if anyone want to join that group than add me on Whats app I`ll add you there (+919998520708)

  • Hi everyone....my skype is oneof.thesalman

  • Please add me for English practice my Skype khan7865506.
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