Prepositions of Place

Examples:I sometimes place a WordChecker at the bottom of the article in ESL Magazine. This is a glossary.My son likes drawing on the floor when his favourite movie is on TV. He only looks up when the movie is at his favourite part. His paper and crayons are always scattered everywhere. The drawing stuff is rarely in the drawer.Learn more about Prepositions of Place here.Add your own examples of prepositions of place. Don't forget to make your sentences memorable (about you or the EC community) and interactive (add a link or ask a question).

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  • I arrived in İstanbul a couple of days ago, when ı was sitting at home, my nephews came. My dog begun to play on the floor.
    I have my home cleaned and made reorganization, such as paintings on the wall, flowers in the garden, some the furnitures on the right moved at the other side.
    Yesterday I did not watch my tv serie on TV due to feeling so tired.
  • i was online on EC untill i slept on my desk
  • Our teacher pasted a map of the wiring system of a rotor on/onto the board so that he could explain the concept better.

    Once, I hid behind the wall to scare my brother when he was coming out of the room.

    The basketball player nicely shot the ball into the basket.
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