Incorrect pavement signs

 I think many of us ,walking roads every day without noticing incorrect signs that are on pavements.Some of them have grammar mistakes and other can not be understood,so the questions are:

 how many times do you see signs of incorrect sentences without noticing that or ignoring them ?

Did you discuss these things with  teachers,lingusits,experts,..etc to be familiar with them in future ?

Can you see where mistakes in the following ?

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    • Hello Paula

      First of all,thank you very much to reply to my disscussion.

      In fact,I delebrately added this kind of topics to get more understanding about english speacially these signs that many of people do not notice mistakes,errors.etc relating to English Grammar ,so I hope you continue giving  me topics like above mentioned with some explanations.

  • Hi

    By the way,in regard to incorrect signs,I found those mistakes when I was a student.That time I kep reading newspapers specially those ones which by English,one of then called "yementimes".

    It had a corner to discuss errors,mistkes.etc to makes English students to profit by ,so once I read about those incorrect signs that are onside the streets,so you do not need to walk streets but you need to browse the webs involving  grammitically mistaken signs"


  • Hi

    I think if you really started to notice carefull these pavement signs ,you would realize that I was right.

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