The infinitive :" to + a verb"

The infinintive : I want to learn English   

Infinitives are used :

1- After certain verbs : " try - agree-  decide - expect - help - learn - hope  - need ....

Examples :

- We need to practice the language everyday.

- I hope to improve my English language.

-They decided to travel abroad.

- She learned to be more patient.

-He has agreed to help you.

-I always try to do my best in my classroom.


2-After certain adjectives :  


- It's important to have good friends.

-It's interesting to know other's culture.

It's not easy to learn a second language .


Those are the important rules of using the infinitive .The next discussion will be about "Gerunds":  writing  ,learning  ,.....

Can u guess the right answer :

1- To learn English is important .

2- Learning English is important .

   Thank you :)


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  • I have  to rush home early today 

    I have to play foot ball in the evening  with my pals

    I have to reply to her letter 

    I have  to do the house hold  chores

  • Have to means must , it follows with infinitive without to: "go -read-do...."

    I have to study =I must study "correct"

    I have to go "correct"

    I had go to market "wrong"    :)) I have to go to the market or I had to go to the market "past"

  • Thank you for adding more useful examples ,let's always write some grammatical topics here and share our examples .

    Thanks again for the support .

  • hi dear , thanks . it is so nice topic.

    • I hope we can always share these nice useful topics with all our friends here in EC .

      Thank you dear Tawfeeq for reading .

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