Personal and possessive pronouns

Personal pronouns can be  subject :I -you - he -she -we- they - it

and can be object:me- you - him -her- us - them -it-

       Subject                                   object

         I                                             me  " He sent me some flowers "

       You                                           you  "I will visit you next weekend"

       he                                              him " I bought him a new watch"

      she                                             her  " They invited her to the party"

      we                                               us   " The teacher gave us a new lesson "

      they                                            them " He will buy them a new house"

     it                                                   it    " he mended it quickly"        

Possessive pronouns:

my + noun " my book"                 mine "at the end of the sentence -without a noun "

Your "your book"                          yours " this book is yours".

his                                                his

her                                               hers

our                                                 ours

their                                               theirs


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  • I'm sure that the first sentence is correct :1-He is better than me .

    we can say : His reply is better than mine " possessive pronoun " but -he is better than me is a correct sentence !!

    2- Those of us who are able to earn a good sum of money should donate a part of our income in charity ." us -our".

    3- Everyone should be punished if he /she didn't perform his/her duties.


  • Clever Student ! I like this picture alot dear :)

    Thank you

  • What about  did  ???

    When the sentence doesn't have IS or ARE so no need to put them in the past:

    - He wrote a new blog . what did he write ?

    -He didn't write any blog last month.

    When did they arrive ?

    Did they arrive last weekend??

    So dear Friend ,don't put was or were always in the past .Put them only if the sentence has them in present like:

    He is writing a new blog - he was writing a new blog

    Was he writing...? 

    ok ?

    I hope you are still happy with my teaching :)

    wait the next exam ok !


  • Sure I can Friend .All what you write here is correct ! The simple past of is -"was"

    are -"were".

    But what if the sentence doesn't have" is "or "are"How can we put it in the past !!

    He wrote a new blog ."write"  - They arrived last weekend ."arrive"

    So, as you can see it's just to put the second form of the verb "Past"

    Now can You complete the questions and the negative forms from these sentences in the Past:

    - What .......he write ?"Question"

    -He ...........write any blog last month.  "negative"

    -when ........they arrive ?"question"

    .........they arrive last weekend  ? yes ,they ......."yes -no question "

    I hope you can pass the test successfully :))

    waiting for your answer Friend !




    • Here is a very good website that will list all the conjugations of a verb. Just type in the verb in the search box at the top, such as: walk

      Hope you like it!

      English verb conjugation: past tense, participle, present perfect, past perfect | Reverso Conjugator
      Conjugate an English verb with Reverso Conjugator at all tenses: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect, gerund. See list of irregular v…
    • Thank you Beverly for sharing .

      Great site !

  • Yes Friend you are correct ...BUT the last sentence :

    Isn't it my pencil? :)  - Isn't it  your group ?? 

    99% 100  :)

  • @Friend

    What about number 4th. Aren't you missing something in this sentence : Isn't .... my pencil ??


    This pencil belongs to me. Is it a correct form ?

    • Yes Rajesh ,it's correct! :)


    • Lol....

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