Welcome to Essay Writing Group. When writing in English, we often make mistakes which we hardly realize without peer checking. Joining this, we can exchange our imperfect writings to receive others' valuable correction.

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Welcome everyone to Essay Checking Group

Hi there!

As an English learner, I am personally interested in writing and checking essays. I formed this group because I would love to see more and more buddies with the same interest or even problems in writing in English.

Joining this group, you can:

- Post your imperfect writing so that other members can help you analyze your problems and give you some suggestions or solutions

- Check other members' essay, point out mistakes and give solutions

- Give some tips which help you write in English well

- Share your writing which you think perfect so that everyone can learn from that

Wish you fabulous moments when joining Essay Writing

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  • Hi, I'm Yoji from Japan. I'm intermediate English learner and I'd like to improve my writing skill. I'm gonna write about Japan, so If you have any questions about my country, please don't hesitate to ask me.
  • I want to improve my English, special my writing,but I just  seems do not have enough time, I try to write some thing every day at here, I want to keep doing it, I hope I can find a    Learning friend at here, so can keep myself to sign in everyday.

  • Hi everyone, I wanna improve my english. This is my skype id:mani.rezai16. My level is upper intermediate. See you there.

  • Can you help me for use English grammar. My whatsapp number +919869644564.....

  • I am looking for a partner for speaking practice,who is friendly .

    my skype ID is durlabhjewaria
  • Want to learn something new from you....I strongly believe that you also get something very new..English is passion...My skype id - yajoarderhimel... 

  • Hi 

    i want some best IELTS writing topics..suggest me some links for best essays..

    thank u

  • @Garima

    They, more specifically, "none of us" would probably have enough time for that. You may choose a "Topic of your interest" and post it.


  • i want to know do you people give a topic or not
  • Here are some links that have topics you might consider:

    Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom (I-TESL-J)
    Interesting questions for discussions in Engish lessons.
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