English and Myself, the Story of Four Days

When I was in Khartoum, the Capital of the Sudan, I found a small book which has an attractive title; (Learn English in 4 Days without a Teacher), in a very local bookshop, there are some words and phrases translated in Arabic Language in the book. I thought it is easy to learn English in a few days, and I bought that book.

After the mentioned four day, I discovered it is so difficult to learn English in the identified period. Therefore I tried to join an English language a University diploma. The course was a progress for me, but the University had only one English native teacher, This teacher was teaching listening skills which was very difficult for me, especially  to understand what the teacher was saying and what the cassette says. So I failed in the listening skills exam in the first year of the diploma.

I had been passed to the second class with (good) degree, but I felt that my English wasn't good, despite I wasn't free for the course, I was doing my best to find a time for English practicing, that time. When I graduated in the university diploma I realized that I need to learn English as a beginner.

Since I haven't got enough money to buy daily news paper, I used to buy one newspaper per week, which was very hard to me to complete it in the whole week.

Now, English Club is my last station to improve English skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking, and to improve grammatical and spelling problems as well as pronunciation.

My lesson learned is no body can learn English in four days without a teacher.



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  • it is true that  English IS defficult but Classic Arabic is soooo defficult than English. Arabic is sacred language and we the arab can speak more than one language in a period but others people impossible to learn arabic and specially the classic one because it is almost the defficult languages in the world 

  • Thank you Sunil,Alexan and Rana, for your useful comments.

    would you please comment on Grammer or puncituatin or stile?

    please help us to learn through mistakes.

    • Thank you for your helpfull advice, I will spend more time sestematically check.

      Please keep me on track.

      Best regards.

  • Yes... Nice story.. We do need a teacher, and it won't be achieve in 4 days... Haha...
  • Absolutely Ahmed, any language is like an ocean..there is no end to it and therefore, learning language is a technique, a science and also an art (how do you speak and write is an art). However, your English looks good. Keep writing..

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