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Hi Everyone


I have attached a list of websites for both teachers and students.  If you can add to it and give a brief description of how it can help.  Also please let us all know if you need help either teaching or learning a particular aspect of English, we are all here to help each other.

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    This is a very good site  too,  to the teacher  and student alike

    All four skills are covered  in each  lesson ..

  • Hello T Mal, thank you very much for adding me this group. I need some advise from you, I am per-intermediate English language student. I am studying  2 hours every day, but my English is getting worst, I don't know why. I have learn as foreign German then Swedish, I have been starting to learn English for the last 1o months.  I am wondering now what should I do? Thank you.

    • Hi

      It's difficult to advise as you did not say what aspect of English.  If it is all skills then the only way is practice all skills as often as possible.  There is plenty of help in EC for all skills if you look in the learners sections



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  • Hi,my friends,

    Could you introduce a good book for a person who gonna abroad and have to learn English during 6months?

    • Hi Sora

      personally I would give them some websites where they can listen and copy what is spoken.  You cant hear the language from a book.

      a site like;  is a good start for beginners to learn alone so long as someone can help in the first instant,

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