Right tense,Right time

We all know speaking requires at least the knowledge of a sentence structure.

when you are able to make a sentence, for sure you will be able to put those sentences in the right order to make sense and start to speak.

however the process above would face a common problem which is choosing the right tense at the right time with a right structure at the same time:)

it all occurs when a learner identifies how to convey what he means and simultaneously starts to speak them through the right structure and tense.Right at this time the student may confuse either the tense or the structure.

Here are some examples:

i am understanding you (using non-action verb in present continuous tense)

i am going shopping every day (using present continious for a habitual activity)

I am agree with you (using to be with base form of main verb with the unknown main verbs)

i ate sushi once. (confusing the usage of simple past and present perfect due to not identifying the importance of action rather than time)

the examples like that are endless so let's shorten them to the list above..

so dear teachers, please let us see

1- what are your own strategies and methods for helping and guiding your students not to make such mistakes?

2- what is the most effective way to help students not to miss the structure when identifying the right tense while they are speaking?

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