Hello friends!Many students ask me to correct them when they write something wrong here on MyEC. But, honestly, I think I shouldn't do it everywhere, because (in my opinion, as a teacher) if you are comunicating, if the message is going through, sometimes that's enough.Now, I decided to create a space for us to practice correction, for you to make questions and help your friends to write better in English.So, let's ask about your difficulties, some questions you have, etc.Hugs,Teacher Joyce.

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  • Hi  Joyce,

    I totalyy agree with you that it is important to send the message, to communicate, if we spend the whole time correcting our students they maybe feel insecure. I think there are times that the correction is necessary and it can be a time for learning. So as teachers we have to be aware when is the time  to correct and turn it into a very good momment of learning. By the way I love the picture "we all make mistakes".


    • Thanks Icléa!

      This is very important. We see many students communicating and passing the message (despite of some mistakes) because they are motivated to learn and speak English. As you said, there's a time for everything, even to correct them! ;)


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    • Hi Fernando,

      There is much to learn about all & whole, I would suggest you to visit this page to read more: Grammar Net

      Already and ever have almost the same meaning, once the first is more immediate and the second is used for a period, sometime in life.

      1) Already ==> more immediate, faster than expected.
      a) I already have one.
      b)They have already arrived.

      2) Ever ==> Sometime in your whole life or a period.
      a) Have you ever see it?
      b)The best I´ve ever seen.


      I hope I have helped you...


      GrammarNet - Gramática da Língua Inglesa / All, Whole
      Saiba a diferença entre All e Whole
    • How nice...

      Have a nice Sunday too! =D

  • You should use the verb FOUND and an expression of time in the end of the sentence. So, the correct sentence would be: "I found my keys last night".

    Some time expressions:
    - Yesterday
    - Last (week, month, year, summer, vacation...)
    - _____ Ago (a month ago, two days ago...)

    Kisses! ;)
    • Fernando,

      Look at your sentence: "Please right me if i am mistaken."
      Try to correct it for me, please. ;)

      Well, both in Simple Past and Present Perfect, you are gonna find time expressions, but they are different.
      Some of the time expressions for Present Perfect are:

      - Since (I have studied English since 1998.)
      - For (I have been married for one month.)
      - Recently / lately (We have talked a lot on MyEC lately.)
      - Still (I still haven't found what I'm looking for.)
      - Already (I have already done my homework.)
      - Ever (Have you ever seen the rain...?)

      These are just some exemples. You will learn more as you read and practice the language. Some exercises for you to practice Present Perfect:

      Have a nice weekend!
    • The verb is not correct. You should not use right, which means correct or the opposite of left, but use write, ok? =)

      Happy new year too!!

    • These words have the same sound but are written differently and have different meanings, that's why they are called homophones. Read more about it on


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    • Dear friends,

      As I said, the Present Perfect Tense talks about something that started, but didn't finish.
      E.g.: I have talked to my friend John on the phone today. (did today finish?)

      On the other hands, the Simple Past doesn't continue. It's gone!
      E.g.: I went to a good pizzaria last Saturday.

      Look at the expressions of time, they can help us a lot!
      Got it? =)

      Practice here!
  • Well Maiko... in general words, we use Present Perfect to talk about something that started someday but didn't finish, it continues nowadays. For exemple, you started studying English some years ago and continue today, so using present perfect, you would write:

    I have studied English for some years.
    I have studied English since 2006.

    There are many other exemples that we can use, so in the practice you will learn more.
    If you need more help, just contact me, ok? =)

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