Brazilian sts

Hi dear friends!As Brazilian students who study English just once a week, but use to listen to music, watch movies, use the Internet in English, what are your difficulties when you have to talk to other people in English, like here on MyEC for exemple?Kisses,Teacher Joyce.

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    • Fernando, I agree with you! two hours a week isn't enough to learn english!

      The best way to improve our english is to study in home too! Example: texts, music, movie, podcasts, dictionary and books!
    • Very good, guys... That's it!
      If you take a time to practice at home too, you're gonna learn much more and have better results.
  • Well, your doubts are about the use of informal language... You are right, we usually use it in chattings and you'll learn this by using (in my opinion). So, try to use MyEC chat room when you are online here. Maybe you are gonna see this a lot! ;)
  • Teacher joyce, I've got difficult in english informal. For example in Brazil We use in chat vc=você, They use you= u, your= ur, are=r.

    Joyce correct me if I wrote some world wrong!
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