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I love EC

I love EC so much it is the best place i have ever seen .my whole life has been changed when i joined ec.In the past I was spend most of my time doing nothing and i was nervous person with no friends i love English ,but no one can help me to practice it ,so i found EC the best place for me .1-every day i learn a new thing, here in ec ,i improve myself more and more .

2-EC is very rich with knowledge it is like the sea where i can discover a new thing daily.

3-I can get fun into learn.

4-I learned more about different countries in the world by chatting with my lovely friends.

5-I enhanced the trust of myself more and more.

6-I gained a very lovely and kind friends whom i love and respect them all .I wont forget their help to me even they don't see me or know me they always advice me and thanks a lot for all of them.

7- It is a place of happiness after all.

finally ,i don't know what to say more, the words can't describe my feeling.

Hmmm i just want to say EC is my precious treasure i will keep it forever .

what about you my friends?let me know how much you love English club.

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I love the Writing Challenge Group

Yay! I found a place to tell you all how much I love the writing challenge group. English learners have been taking my challenges for a few years now. Every time a new writer joins in, I am a very happy teacher. If you haven't taken one of my challenges, please visit my blog and join in.  

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What we dislike in EC and what we would like to change

Dear friends! As you may know, I am an EC fan as I have been its member for about 3 years and I have never come across  any better site. However, we sometimes face  some problems here and the administration is not responsible for them.As to me, I can't stand when somebody offences others on religious, national or gender basis. I can't also allow men to use dirty slang. There are m any other points I don't like in the chatroom as well as on the comment walls. It will be great if you share your…

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Why do you love MyEC?

  MyEC is one of the best sites on the net. I love MyEC because it helps me learn English (with the help of dedicated teachers and members) in a fun way. It also helps me improve my confidence in speaking and reading. It would be great if you could share to us why do you love MyEC. Come on tell us.... We'll listen to your response. Thanks!If you have extra time.... please check out my blog about MyEC.... Here's the link....http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/why-do-you-love-myec

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