My country is Vietnam

Hi everyone in English and cultures group. I am My Nguyen from Vietnam. I would like to contribute one interesting aspect of our own culture.

"Non", or "conical hat" as it is called in English, is a traditional hat which has been worn by Vietnamese women of all ages long long ago. It is a simple conical-shaped hat but symbolizes Vietnamese femininity. 

Conical hat is made from dry rush. People build a frame from bamboo which is also a traditional tree in Vietnam. Then, they use dry rush leaves to cover the frame, and then paint one kind of sticky oil over the rush leaves. With sticky oil, conical hat can be durable even in rainny and sunny weather.

People who make conical hats do not earn much money because conical hats are sold at cheap price. Also, not many youngsters use conical hats because there are many colorful fashionable types of hat. However, conical hat is always a good choice of Vietnamese women in important events such as fashion show, Miss competition, beauty contests, etc or just in some daily work such as agricultural work, farming, gardening.

The image of old women wearing conical hats in local market always moved me whenever I come back home. I think conical hats will be forever a symbol of Vietnamese beauty which every Vietnamese can be proud of.


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  • I didn't see your country yet. I came close by way of the Cambodia. I hope your country will be one of my next visits. 

  • When I imagine images of Vietnam, I remind of girls wearing these hats and white ao dais with riding bicycles on the street. I also think conical hat symbolizes Vietnamese femininity as you said.. I read your contribution well. thanks. 

  • My mother has a hat like that. I also like it. It not only looks great but also protect us under extremely weather. I'm proud of being a VietNamese. Thanks for your sharing. If you have time, talk to all more our cultural country. This blog is great!


  • It is also a light and cool hat, that does a good job of keeping the sun off your head, and out of your eyes.

  • An interesting story about the hats, My Nguyen. I have not visited your country, but I tutor adults in my local community who wish to learn English. My first students came to US in 1995 from Vietnam with their 5-year old daughter. The daughter is now on full scholarship at university studying biology-chemistry-and psychology! This family is still good friends with me and we celebrate birthdays and special occasions together by going out to a restaurant, and sometimes they take me with them to shop at Vietnamese markets located in a larger nearby city.
    • thank you very much. I must say it is great to have someone to be your good friends for such a long time.
  • Conical hat as you said is a symbol reflects the beauty and femininity of vietnamese women beside it's a kind of traditional hat that protect the farmers and peasants from sun. But i think this type of hat is also common in China and other countries, am i wrong??

    Thank you for this contribution and i look forward your next.

    • you are right! but the material and shape of conical hat in other countries are a bit different from Vietnamese conical hat. thank you for your comment!!!
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