Brazil – Land of Happiness

Hello everyone, I’ll contribute here to show you some information about Brazil and Brazilians members can also feel free to add some information or yet, open a new topic.


First of all, I'd like to apologize because of my grammar is not good and some mistakes here is inevitable!


Brazil – Land of Happiness.

- Brazil was discovered by the Portuguese in 1500 and became independence in 1822, but before the Portuguese arrived here, Brazil was inhabited by native Brazilians (indigenous), who remained, some of them, living in our forest and most settled in the Amazon Rainforest (Northern of Brazil).



- Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth worldwide, as you can see on the picture above we have a large coastal area and it’s bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, our language is Portuguese and Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.


- The culture of Brazil is derived from the Portuguese, Indigenous people and Africans, but Brazil also has a mix of culture from other countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Arab countries, they were immigrants that settled here in Brazil and contribute to our culture as well.


- The form of government is democratic public.


- Brazil has the greatest biological diversity in the world, here are some pictures about it:


Amazon Rainforest:














































- Brazil has a good economy; the industrial sector is rising every year, major industries include iron and steel production, automobile assembly, petroleum processing, chemical production, cement making, aircraft and the agricultural sector in Brazil is also powerful.


- Aircraft production:















- Petroleum processing:














- Agricultural Sector:















- Brazil has a lot of festivals over the year and the best known celebration is Carnival that begins on or after Epiphany and finishes on Fat Tuesday one day before Ash Wednesday, the best one is the Samba school parades as you can see on the pictures below:




































































- Brazilians are also known for their happiness, people who, in spite of poverty and oppression, display open-mindedness, optimism, friendliness, hospitality, fullness of life, love of music, these are characteristics that a visitor experiences in Brazil, having a sense that, indeed, it is the “Land of Happiness.”


Thank you members, I hope you enjoy it. As for me it was a good experience to show you and describe some information about Brazil because I have to find some words and expressions that I didn't know, but from now on I learned new words and vocabulary doing this activity.

Thank you.



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  • Brazil looks great, Marcelo. But, I have one question. I have watched on TV, some programs talked about security issues on Brazil like crime and abduction. Is that true? I want to confirm it before I make any assumptions
    • Hello Ranu,

      Thank for your question.

      In some part it's true, however I have to tell you that what is more common here in Brazil is robbery, it happens mainly in large cities or how I can say, metropolitan area, you face this kind of problem mainly in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Abduction or kidnaps are not so common and not happen frequently, concerning to crimes is another problem that belongs to large cities, but also I can tell you that's no happen all the time. But it's not only an exclusive merit of Brazil hehe

      See you later.


  • Hello Narendra shukla, Sepideh Fattahi, Mohyie!!!

    The pleasure is all mine and I'm really glad that all of you enjoyed this description about Brazil.

    Please, let's keep in touch and if some of you have a short time to speak English through skype, please let me know, I really need to practice my conversation skills.

    Later night, I'm going to read the descriptions about India and Morocco Narendra and Mohyie.

    Thank you.
    See you later.

  • wonderful expressions and meaningful words derived from thee truth of your country's beauty. I liked and got intersted in Brazil more than past because your post has faded away the fogs as for me and has provided me alot of information were absent in my mind.

    Thank you for this contribution, and look after your next:)

  • HI Marcelo, i really liked the way you describe your big country in a small article, i always consider BRAZIL as one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in the world ,and i hope i will visit it one day to see its natural beauty and culture............bye........
  • Hello Dreamer, Anastasia,

    How have you been?

    Thank you for your compliments, but my English is not good yet hehe, I have a long journey to be made to get fluency and also be able to express and talk about everything.

    Anastasia, in a nutshell, Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, is the act of celebrating and eating food a lot before the "Lenten" get start.

    I wish you all a wonderful week.


  • hey Man you have well described brazil and also ur english accent is wonderful , I though u were native speakers from ur english , its really a miracle for me if i can visit brazil one day , why not nothig impossible

    friend , plz record more in the audio group ur english is pretty nice

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