First, I would like to take the opportunity to WELCOME you to the PERFICT PRONUNCIATION GROUP. By joining the group, you've made a wise decision to improve your pronunciation. The aim of this group is to provide a platform for members of the club to share ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION related Information, Activities, Quizzes, Ideas, etc. So, please don't hesitate to make fruitful contributions for our mutual benefits! “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ~* Dalai Lama XIV *~

BY THE WAY..., have you been yearning to solve your PRONUNCIATION PROBLEM once and for all but not sure what exactly to do? I conduct ONLINE PHONETICS CLASSES for individuals who are seeking for HELP. I'll teach you the Speech SOUNDS, Sound SYMBOLS and how to read the PHONETIC SPELLINGS. A PHONETIC SPELLING is the PRONUNCIATION of a word in the form of text. Anyone who could read the PHONETIC SPELLINGS printed next to each word (e.g. pseudonym /ˈsjuːdənɪm/)  in the dictionary could PRONUUNCE ALL THE WORDS listed in the dictionary accurately even without listening to any audio pronunciations at all. 

Contact me over Skype if you're interested, I'm just a click away! CLICK HERE >> live:gabrielsowrian


What you see below was taken from the Oxford Dictionary. Do you see the symbols in a pair of slashes after each word. Those are the PRONUNCIATIONS of the related WORDS. I have posted a whole new discussion devoted to PRONUNCIATION in the DICTIONARY. Check it out, guys!  


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by Gabriel Sowrian

What you see below is a voice recorder. You can RECORD saying / reading something and LISTEN to it right away. The app does not save your recording. Thus, you don't have to feel shy to record your voice as many times as you want. Give it a try; you'll like it. 

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If you want to SHARE your VOICE RECORDING anywhere at the group to participate in the challenges, there is another tool that you could use. It's called CHIRBIT. All you have to do there is RECORD your voice (or UPLOAD a sound file), SUBMIT it, press the SHARE button, Press this SYMBOL </> for the EMBED CODECOPY the code, come here and PRESS the "Media" button, PASTE the code and finally, PRESS the OK button. That's it! 

This is how your audio player will look like! Now, press the "Play" button and listen to my voice reording

                                                                                                                                               Check this out on Chirbit

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    • It's difficult to make one understand about speech sounds and pronunciation using text comment. You need to listen to the person. Anyway, I'll give it a shot.

      The /d/ is a stop consonant sound. First, we stop the air follow in the mouth. Second, we release the trapped air suddenly. But in the word "hundredth", we don't release the air but instead move from /d/ (...d...) position to /θ/ ( position. In short, the /d/ is not fully produced. It becomes a glottal stop.

      Please don't hesitate to talk to me on Skype if you can't understand what I said above. This is my Skype link:
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    • Simply, does it mean that you don't need to pronounce "d"?
    • Not really!
  • Hi Gabriel, thanks for the invitation. I'm new around. I'd like to know if there's a site/group/chat where I could practice speaking. Thank you.
    • Hi, Chucho! You're welcome! I'm glad to see you here at the group. First, the objective of the group is to raise awareness among non-native speakers the importance of knowing how to read the pronunciation spellings (called phonemic transcriptions) given next to each word in the dictionary. Once you know that, you can pronounce all the words listed in the dictionary accurately even without listening to Google audio at all. Interestingly, it will take you only one month to master the skill.

      Second, regarding chat groups that you asked. Yes, there are chat groups. Please click on the tab "Groups" to see the chat groups. Good Luck!
  • Hi, Grabriel, this is Laura, thank you for inviting me, I am new member here so I thank you your help.
    • Hi, Laura! Welcome to the group. Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions regarding English pronunciation.
  • Hi, Gabriel! Thank you for inviting me. I'm going to enjoy writing English on this group. Is there anybody going to comment about Rachel's English - (see from point of 6:53), biting tongue for pronouncing "la" of Available? Sorry for my bad and poor English...
    • Hi, Mustang! Welcome to the group. The objective of this group is to solve the pronunciation problem of interested individuals among the group members. (Many don't know that they can solve their pronunciation problem once and for all in just one month!) Thus, I would appreciate it if you write about English pronunciation here at the group. Thank you!
  • Hello everyone, I'm a new member, thanks for accepting.i hope to improve my pronunciation here 😊 with regards.
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English Sound SystemA learner’s effort to master the pronunciation of English words could be hampered if there is no proper understanding about the “English Sound System”, if you ask me! You may argue that there are other factors which are the real obstacles in accomplishing this quest, for example…                  Mother tongue influence,                      The ineffectiveness of the English syllabus used in schools,             Lack of opportunity to speak in the…

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Story Reading/continuing and Recording.

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Are you thinking of sharing your voice recording here at the "English Pronunciation" group or anywhere else at our English Club, but DON'T KNOW how to do it? Don't worry! The following should help you to get it done. 1. Go to CHIRBIT voice RECORDING and SHARING website and create a FREE ACCOUNT.2. Sign In to go to your profile. You'll see the following buttons. Click the button "Record".  3. Click the button "Allow" to let Chirbit  access to your microphone. 4.You'll be able to see the voice…

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