I'll be posting the PRONUNCIATION (in the form of PHONETIC SPELLING) of a WORD everyday. My objective of doing this activity is to raise awarness among our Club members the importance of learning SPEECH SOUNDS and their SYMBOLS if they really want to solve their pronunciation problem.  

Now, this is what I want you to do! Look at the PRONUNCIATION for the day and type out the related WRITTEN WORD. I would appreciate it if you could also add your VOICE RECORDING of the pronunciation. It will help those who don't know how to read the PHONETIC TRANSCRIPTIONS. Make use of this opportuntiy to improve your pronunciation or help others with their pronunciation. Here's your very first PRONUNCIATION. 



You can use the "voice recorder" below to record your pronunciation and play back the recording to listen to your pronunciation. This voice recorder does not save your recordings, thus you can record your voice as many times as you want until you perfect the pronunciation of a word.   

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If you want to RECORD the PRONUNCIATION given daily and SHARE it here with us, you can use the online tool called "CHIRTBIT". Check the home page of this group to learn how to use the tool.

NOTE: For your easy access and practice, I have compiled all the PRONUNCIATIONS posted below at the PHOTO page of the Group. Check it out!

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  • PRONUNCIATION of the DAY - 563


     Can you type out the written word of this pronunciation?

    • inadvertently

      =without intention; accidentally.

  • PRONUNCIATION of the DAY - 562


     What is the written word related to this pronunciation?

    • lackluster


    • Nice job!

  • PRONUNCIATION of the DAY - 561


     Do you know the written word related to this pronunciation?

    • expostulate

      =express strong disapproval

    • Great job!

  • PRONUNCIATION of the DAY - 560


     Can you type out the written word of this pronunciation?

    • ageism

      = Prejudice on the ground of person's age

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