Audio Recordings: "Reading and Listening"

Do you have a READING HABIT? If you do, why don't you READ SOMETHING for our club members' LISTENING PLEASURE? It can be an interesting NEWS taken from a Newspaper, a SHORT STORY that you read recently or ANYTHING that you feel worth sharing. It will help you with your READING SKILL and PRONUNCIATION. The club members, meanwhile, can sharpen their LISTENING SKILL. This activity will definitely help both the SPEAKERS and LISTENERS with their English. This is a GOOD OPPORTUNITY that I don't want you to miss. Happy Speaking and Listening

                                                                                               HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:
                       1. GET READY your READING MATERIAL.
                       2. GO to CHIRBIT voice "RECORDING and SHARING" site.
                       3. RECORD reading your piece and SUBMIT it. 
                       4. [Or, you can UPLOAD a pre-recorded sound file from your computer!]
                       5. COPY the EMBEDDING CODE (HTML code) and COME TO THIS PAGE
                       6. CLICK the "MEDIA" button (the third one) on the TOOLBAR of your COMMENT BOX.
                       7. PASTE your EMBEDDING CODE and PRESS the button "Ok". That's it! 

                                                  Let me get the ball rolling. Here's my MAIDEN VOICE RECORDING.

                                                                                         Check this out on Chirbit

Note: I humbly request all the PARTICIPANTS and LISTENERS to COMMENT and CORRECT after listening to one's audio recording. It would be impossible for me to do that all by myself. Sometimes I may not be even around. Thus, I need your help to keep this page active. THIS IS OUR GROUP. Thank you! 

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    Hello!! Listeners, here is my first one, sound quality is bad. Though I can't help but uploading the track...


    Sowing by Edward Thomas


    It was a perfect day

    For sowing; just

    As sweet and dry was the ground

    As tobacco-dust.


    I tasted deep the hour

    Between the far

    Owl's chuckling first soft cry

    And the first star.


    A long stretched hour it was;

    Nothing undone

    Remained; the early seeds

    And now, hark at the rain,

    Windless and light,

    Half a kiss, half a tear,

    Saying good-night.

    Sowing Final.mp3
    • Nicely done, Shaheen. :) The sound was okay, nothing to complain. XD Keep going! ;)

    • Thanks for the compliment, NotAClue, 

    • Wow.....Shaheen!!! Such a good job!! Your voice is really impressive and pleasant to ears...liked it. Good have to post more of your audios, people will enjoy and be encouraged as well.

      Thanks for sharing. That's what makes EC a great place to challenge yourself!

    • Thanks for your compliment O.M.!! It's really ecstatic experience to get a comment from you. Thanks a lot, hopefully, I would like to put on more on the thread. 

  • It's always a pity that only a few people participate in such challenges as this.

    Some weeks ago, I read a book, and I recorded the first chapter of it.
    I hope you enjoy, and please, give me your opinion about my pronunciation.
    If someone wants to read that first chapter for a better understanding, just tell me and I am going to post it.


    Record and upload audio >>

  • I would like to listen to all the voice recordings of the members here, but, unfortunately, I always get an error when I want to open them.
    Once, I was able to open SNR's recording...but only once...that was all. I feel sad because I can't listen to all your voice recordings.

    What can I do?

    By the way, as I read one of my blogs, I used a simple voice recorder.

    Maybe someone has the same problem as me.

    Here you go:

    Using this voice recorder is quite simple.

    Online Voice Recorder
    • Hi Rose,

      When I clicked the link it led me to the site but no recording. Hope we can also listen to your audio recording. 

    • I am sorry, Mayumi, there seems something wrong with the site.

      Here is the link to my voice recording. I was recording my voice on my blog.

      It was early morning when I woke up in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. Dew lay on the blades of grass and the blossoms of thousands of flowers. Where was I? How and when did I come here? I didn't remember.

      I got up and heard a sound coming from the distance. There, a man was standing, upright, proud, and quite handsome. He smiled and waved me as if he was waiting for me. I looked at him and wanted to go there, asking where I was and who he was, but with every single step I did, the distance did not shorten.

      His smile was enchanting and his eyes looked seducing. His mouth seemed to speak. I couldn't hear it but read from his lips."Come to me," he said again and again, "come in my arms."
      I tried to walk faster, but there was no chance of coming forward.

      Suddenly, I heard a beautiful melody."Dance to him," a voice whispered to me. "Dance!"

      Like a miracle, my feet began dancing, and I got fast forward. I danced with closed eyes. I dizzied from dancing and fell.
      Immediately, the music stopped, and the mysterious voice whispered: "this was your only chance, your only chance. You have missed missed it!"

      "Your only chance...only chance...missed it...missed it," it echoed inside me.

      I opened my eyes. "Oh no," I screamed, "don't go, please, don't go!" He disappeared, slowly, very slowly, with sadness on his face into the fog, still reaching his waving hand to me. 
      "I'll come back once more," he said. 
      "When?", I asked, "when?"
      "I don't know," he answered, "one day. Just wait for me."
      He waved once more, then, he disappeared, completely.


    • Oh thank you, Rose. I didn't know it is on your blog.

      It was awesome narration and great writing. I didn't hear any hint that you're not a native English speaker. It was flawless and perfect! 

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